Blockchain Technologies Study and Development Laboratory


  • Blockchain applied studies. Blockchain global knowledge development. Expert opinions. Development of new technologies

Advisory Services

  • Analysis and development of strategy for Blockchain incorporation in different industries. Development of new models and methods of practical application, and refocusing business processes on modern technologies


  • Project simulations and practical research, involving the cutting edge blockchain and crypto­technologies. Project development for leading world companies

  • Distributed ledger technologies are today's most promising industry transforming technologies: finance, manufacturing, logistics, medicine, and many others. We shall introduce you to this technology and teach you how to use it to optimize any production process
  • Weekly seminars
  • Full semester-long courses for students
  • Educational and referential content generation for developers and business figures

Куратор магистратуры — Владимир Вячеславович Горгадзе
  • Masters degree program supervisor
  • PhD in theoretical physics; The University of California (Berkeley) graduate
  • Experience with blockchain: 3 years
  • Current employment: MMC Norilsk Nickel
  • Participant of Blockchain Competence Center under the MIPT High-Energy Physics Laboratory
  • Professor with 27 years of experience
  • Co-founder of TUTU.TV,, and Click Service
  • Founder of CDC Software in Russia (localization and solutions)

Ведущий эксперт по DLT — Александр Викторович Беленов
  • Leading DLT expert in MMC Norilsk Nickel
  • Past experience: streaming supercomputer development (10 years); head of one of the areas of development of the SKIF Program
  • Co-founder of the Blockchain Competence Center under the MIPT high-energy physics laboratory and Rosstandart technical committee for standardization of the distributed registry and blockchain
  • Develops video technologies in Russia since 2003
  • Co-founder of the online cinema (Russia's first CDN supporting the DRM system recognized by major foreign content suppliers)

Преподаватель Hashlab — Александр Александрович Николаев
  • Work experience: 5 years. Experience with blockchain: 3 years
  • Bachelor of computer science
  • Hashlab professor specializing in Ethereum smart contracts
  • Co-founder of Forseti. Developer of Solidity project. Master builder of Dapp's
  • Blockchain hackathon winner (BlockchainHack 2016, BlockchainHack 2017, LaToken Hackathon)
  • Winner of the blockchain startup competition supported by the Swiss government and Crypto Valley

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